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Learning: Projects

Learning through
real projects

Entrepreneurial attitude, social skills, understanding the relevance of subjects, actual engagement, and beautiful products are just a few of the benefits that learning through authentic projects lead to. At REAL School learning is organised around projects with clear goals and visible outcomes. Browse around our projects below to better understand what we mean.


A glimpse into a day at REAL School Budapest - community circle, snacks, choir and a digestive system performance!

This video also includes highlights from the Fringe Festival - a sustainable fashion show, mini learner-run workshops, performances and music! The festival was organised by our learners for Term 3, 2021/22.

An example of the REAL approach to learning.

This is the summary video of the exhibition of REAL School Budapest learners' work of their Term 2, 2021/22 real-life project on social justice. The exhibition was held at Budapest's premier contemporary art gallery, Virág Judit Gallery.

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What our PARENTS say...


“If we want the world to change we need to change the way we educate our children, because it’s pretty obvious the current systems are broken.”


“I love the feeling of excitement I get in the morning of taking her to school, knowing she will have a superb day and will experience so many new things. At the same time, I have the peace of mind that I leave her in a caring and loving environment.”


“Our family discussions are becoming more diverse. The children are being given the opportunity to explore the lives of different members of society and where we can all make space for acceptance."


“It is lovely to see how imaginary play starts to develop again. A happy, singing, creative, playing child contributes to a lovely family dynamic."

Quotes from a May 2022 parent survey

HOW we teach 
teaches more than 
what we teach

We structure learning around how the students approach certain materials, and what competencies and skills that material might address. We call these structures Learning Forms. They are flexible, adaptable and embody a diversity of learning styles. No more forced curricula. No more one size fits all.



Time dedicated to building relationships, social-emotional and cultural engagement through discussion, songs and rituals.


A learning form for numeracy, literacy, and anything that needs a structured, practice-based learning experience using the National Curriculum in England.


Real-life project work for entrepreneurial skill and mindset development, incorporating cross-curricular subject knowledge. This learning form follows a robust project-based process with a real impact.


Learning happens everywhere. So each week we spend a day out in nature or in the city, exploring and getting our hands dirty.

real zone

Opportunity to continue project work, or join a language class, arts and music courses, game clubs or sports.

Learning goals


Learning Goals

We are designing a learning experience that nurtures the best in us. A programme that exposes us to foundational knowledge about our world, develops our entrepreneurial skills and mindset, and also promotes our wellbeing by helping us become kind, balanced and healthy people.

Our Learning Programme uses the ​National Curriculum for England​. In addition, we are using some of the best learning tools from around the world to build the core elements, such as the Cloud Institute's Education for Sustainability programme, project-based learning processes from the Innovation Unit and Ideo's Design Thinking for Educators.



when a student has voice & choice

To put it simply, student agency gives students voice and choice in how and what they learn. It results in activities that are meaningful and relevant to learners. It is driven by their interests, often self-initiated with appropriate guidance from teachers. As our children grow and mature, they need less and less scaffolding. They need to take their lives into their own hands.

Student Agency

after school activities

Our after school activities go under the name of REAL Zone, a community space run by the REAL School. It is open for all ages to enjoy afternoon and weekend activities, such as a vegan cooking club, upcycled arts & crafts or circus school.

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