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Tents of togetherness: Exploring human needs

October 2023

Project overview

Our learners re-discovered their human needs by building tents in which they will spend one night in nature. Through the creation of vlogs, they reflected on their experience and learnings. Throughout this project, they learned the importance of authenticity, our interconnectedness with nature and surviving in nature as a community.

Rediscovering our human needs REAL School project

Dream to Reality process

Dream to Reality process, project-based learning

By delving into the experience of living as nomads for a day, learners constructed their own tents and planned activities from morning to night to make their camping trip both fun and educational.

Kicking off their plan and preparation, learners presented their tent pitch to the class, receiving kind, helpful, specific feedback from their peers and educators.

Their planning process involves continuous refinement as they repeatedly do and redo. In the classroom, they built small tent prototypes to fine-tune their ideas. Outside the classroom, our learners worked together to design and build tents out of tree branches on their excursions to Óbuda Island. It was an eye-opening experience, as they quickly realised that constructing a tent requires careful planning and precision. These excursions not only taught them about tent construction but also instilled valuable life skills such as teamwork, effective communication, and adaptability.

Following their field experience and armed with prototypes, our learners continued their planning by creating comprehensive lists of materials. They also collected unused materials from our school’s storage to construct their tents, showcasing their resourcefulness and commitment to the environment.

Over a month of collaborative design, prototyping, and preparation has passed. It's time for the learners-led camping adventure at Dobogókő Jurta!

Witnessing the transformation of the campground as tents popped up was truly a moment of pride. While some teams quickly found success, others embraced teamwork and support. In the end, all teams erected their tents.

The night went well, with some learners catching up on extra sleep while others had more conversations around the bonfire. Those who woke up earlier took advantage of the opportunity to witness a stunning sunrise from our beautiful location.

Coming back from the trip, they are now working on their reflection journal and vlog to share and review their project.

Foundations connections

Turn out that in order to survive in the great outdoors, you also need a lot of foundational knowledge.

Literacy: Our learners wrote instructions on how to build a fort out of tree branches for their younger schoolmates. After the camping trip, they are hard at work writing a reflection diary entry or narrative about their experience.

Maths: Learners were introduced to the intricacies of place value and geometry. These concepts served as valuable tools as they proceeded with their tent-building endeavours.

Science: They learned about endangered animals, the critical need for their conservation, and different ecosystem types. They also engaged in a virtual survival ecosystem game. This interactive experience allowed our learners to apply their knowledge in a practical setting, and it was a big hit! They thoroughly enjoyed the game while deepening their understanding of ecosystem dynamics.

Art: Through experimental vlogs, they are learning the art of creating engaging content. The collaborative spirit within the school is truly inspiring, as they edit their own videos and give feedback to their friends.

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