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Snap, share, care

18 March 2024

For term 2 2023/24, our students explored the impact of volunteerism.

They have made some...

Real impact

  • The children made 106 delicious, vegan sandwiches, which were then delivered to a homeless shelter by Budapest Bike Mafia. In total, they spent 7 hours volunteering.

  • Vising Rex Animal Island inspired them to make pet snacks for fundraising. The children also decided to continue working for animal welfare in their next project!

  • L1 has done 3 self-organised nature clean-ups, making sure that our backyard island Óbuda is pristine. They contributed 12 hours of volunteering to our environment.

  • The silent auction at their photo exhibition raised 135,000Ft for Budapest Bike Mafia and Rex Animal Island!

Their project was more than just acts of service. The students picked up photography skills and applied Art, Science, and Literacy to create...

Real products

primary school budapest project-based learning photography exhibition

Inspired by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick's beloved "I SPY" books, our little artists created a delightful class book that combined art, photography, literacy, and rhyme.

Through the lens of curiosity, the children explored the world around them, capturing everyday objects with their budding photography skills. The result is a visually stunning compilation of images, each accompanied by rhymes in a simple and rhythmic style. As you wander through the pages, immerse yourself in the challenge of unravelling the riddles they crafted. "I SPY with my L1 Eye" also celebrates collaboration, creativity, and the joy of learning.

Student albums, handmade frames and art collages

How Science, Art and Maths are weaved into our project

primary school budapest project-based learning photography exhibition

Our budding scientists delved into the fascinating realm of light behaviour through experiments on various surfaces—opaque, transparent, and translucent. They marvelled at the dance of reflection, refraction, and absorption, learning how these properties transform our perception of the world.

Taking their exploration further, the children brought water into the equation. They observed the whimsical changes in shape, size, and direction as they experimented with water and discovered its transformative effects. Armed with newfound knowledge, the young artists ventured outside, armed with glass containers filled with water.

Inspired by the iconic portrait style of Pablo Picasso, they posed creatively behind the water-filled glass containers. Each camera click captured different angles, perspectives, and playful, silly faces reminiscent of Picasso's masterpieces. Here is our joyful collision of science and art!

The children foraged 100 nature items and skipped count between trees on their excursion. As they made 106 sandwiches for homeless people, they applied mental maths during grocery trips, calculating bread and topping quantities precisely!

Stay tuned for updates of their upcoming project!

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