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Paws for a cause

20 March 2024

Our students' project for term 2 2023/24 is driven by a question:

project-based learning Budapest primary school real impact animal welfare

The children worked for months to develop their eco-friendly products and sold them at the fundraising event to support animals in need. And they have made a...

Real impact with real products

  • The children well surpassed their original target of 35,000Ft — donating almost 200,000Ft to Ürömi Animal Shelter!

project-based learning Budapest primary school real impact animal welfare
The children jumped for joy as they heard this.
  • In their product pitches, the children raised awareness about the harsh reality faced by animals in need across Hungary.

  • They proudly donated their handcrafted dog house to the Ürömi Animal Shelter.

  • Each toy, treat, and accessory was carefully designed using eco-friendly and upcycled materials, reflecting the children's commitment to the environment. These will bring hours of fun to the furry companions in people's homes.

In order to achieve these, the children had overcome some...

Real challenges

The children researched in-depth on animal evolution, visited animal shelters to gain firsthand insights into the work done by these vital organizations, and conducted market research at local pet shops.

They carefully planned what they wanted to achieve, creating detailed presentations with their how-to, materials, and, most importantly, their why. Then, they collected feedback from the community to improve their plan.

The children had to navigate the complexities of sustainable materials, asked the school community to donate materials to upcycle, and redesigned their products based on what they actually had on hands.

They also showcased the entrepreneurial spirit - writing product labels, practicing their product speeches, coming up with package deals, and even prepared thank-you stickers and bookmarks.

How Science, Art, and Maths are weaved into our project

In Science, students delved into the evolution of animals, particularly pets, through deep research and creative poster presentations. They presented their findings, showcasing their understanding of the subject matter.

Art played a crucial role in the project as well. Students explored sustainable materials and applied their knowledge through hands-on experimentation, ensuring that their products were not only environmentally friendly but also aesthetically pleasing.

Maths came into play during the planning and execution phases of the project. Students conducted market research, calculated costs, and analysed data to optimize their products and marketing strategies. Through reflection and discussion, they identified and addressed common mistakes, honing their mathematical proficiency along the way.

project-based learning Budapest primary school real impact animal welfare fundraising

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