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THE JOURNAL - A learning companion

Term 1/a - 2020–2021

Project Overview

Recording ideas, thoughts, feelings, memories are an important part of the learning journey. The habit of journaling is not only great for capturing moments, it is a tool to guide and help thinking. The final product of this project was a personalised journal created by each student.

Learning Goals

I can:

  • Imagine and create a cover for my journal that will really make it personal.

  • Record my experiences, my learning to communicate what’s in my mind.

  • Use my journal daily, love it and take care of it.

The Process

1. Dream: Personalise your journal! Design a beautiful cover for your book. Choose the colour, paint it, draw on it, put stickers if you want. Make it your own!

2. Plan-Create: Play! Let’s explore different types of papers, pens, pencils and experiment with them. + Feedback session

3. Re-Do: Use your journal every day!

– Sketch your logo in it.

– Take it to the excursions to trace shadows, paint with dirt, press flowers.

– Write your memories, stories, feelings and illustrate them.

4. Share: Document it! Make sure to take good quality photos of the pages.

5. Love it and take good care of it! :)

Check out all the journal designs in REAL School's first half-term booklet.

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