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Building our own Puppet Theatre

Project overview

Having our own puppet theatre is a way to motivate learners to improve their storytelling, practice their English, while creating fun stories and characters. Using the puppet theatre, they can excel both in their creativity while improving their communication skills and teamwork.

Project goals

  • Improving teamwork through building a puppet theatre from scratch together using old cardboard boxes

  • Creating puppet characters from a chosen story

  • Preparing a story using our puppets

  • To create a space for visual expression of stories we tell


For the build, the learners measured and planned the different phases of building the puppet theatre, using rulers, razors, paint, brushes and hot glue. For the characters, they read and analysed a story together, based on which the learners created their puppets and came up with a new story to perform. Their puppets are being used throughout the year to explore stories and further help develop their language skills.

Skills developed

  • Storytelling through puppetry and performance

  • Communication and language skills

  • Working in a team

  • Designing, measuring and building with cardboard and glue

Student voice

“I love the puppet theatre! I’ve created a pig puppet and a goose puppet, but my favourite is my dog puppet. We love to use them in the breaks to throw our own performances.”

- Adél, 6

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