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Term 1/b - 2020–2021

Project Overview

A clean sheet of paper holds many surprises if we are willing to look, listen and explore.

Paints flow, colours mix, sometimes a ‘beautiful oops’ happens - textures and patterns emerge to reveal imaginary worlds.

For the art project, we put aside our worries and boundaries to play with paper and paint. We were experimenting with printmaking techniques while using a limited colour palette to be able to focus on the interaction between different paint and paper qualities.

Our finished artworks became the visual basis / branding elements of the wonder trail.

Learning Goals

  • 6.Arts & culture - Wandering through space and time to discover how artists have changed the world before.

  • 15.Curiosity - Working with new techniques and materials to develop our set of tools in arts

  • 16.Imagination - Observing and experimenting with the interaction between different techniques and materials

  • 20.Persistence - Embracing the ‘beautiful oops’, continuing even if the outcome is not perfect

  • 25.Self-expression

  • 27.Healthy mind - Being able to focus on paint and paper, being immersed in the process of making

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