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Term 1/b - 2020–2021

Project Overview

For the poetry project, we made the ordinary extraordinary. We were wandering and wondering through poetry; at the minutiae of nature and using language to ask questions of the world around us. This started with EarthSpeakr and grew into the handwritten and spoken words you heard on the Wonder Trail.

Playing with language comes naturally to those who are brave enough to let go, embrace mistakes and find the joy in imperfection. Without a doubt, every student found wonder, created wonder, and inspired wonder. Now you can feel it too!

Learning Goals

  • 1. Reading and writing - Using language playfully with further knowledge of literary devices

  • 25. Self-expression and 15. Curiosity - Being self-expressed in my writing and speaking

  • 11. Communication - Engaging an audience through strong communication and empathy

  • 20. Persistence - Embracing the process and not dwelling on a perfect product

  • 16. Imagination and 6. Arts and cultures - Filming my final poem for an exposition

  • 19. Empathy and care - Empathising with the world around us and the environment

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