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Historical Board Game

Project overview

Our older learners are obsessed with board games and card games, so they’ve decided to make it one of their Entrepreneurship projects to create their own. Since creating a board game from scratch is a super complex project, we decided to start off by building on an existing prototype that was created by students of Green School.

Our learners worked through understanding the prototyping process of a game, wrote the rules to match their vision, then created character bio cards based on historical figures.

Project goals

  • To create a board game that is not only functional, but also a tonne of fun

  • To design a game that is grounded in history

  • To encourage researching


A fully functioning prototype of a magnificent historical board game! This game has become a staple of our break times ever since. As a next step, we're now looking for distributors.

Skills developed

  • Knowledge of basic game design principles

  • Historical awareness

  • Research skills

Student voice

I did Trump as my historical figure. Not because I like him, but because he is unique.

It was so cool to test it. We play with the game all the time. I think now I know how to make a board game and I would like to make another one.”

- Artur, 11

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