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Wonder Trail on Óbudai Island

Project Overview

Due to the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, we were unable to host families indoors for our usual Learning Expo. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, we made use of the resources available and came up with something very unique - student work showcased digitally as a walk around Óbudai Sziget.

The following three learning areas served as a basis for the Wonder Trail: science, art and poetry. Students were searching for questions based on the things they noticed around them and the things that inspired them. This quest for questions is what a scientist, artist and poet will often do. As such, students did not simply learn about science, art and poetry - they stepped into the shoes of scientists, artists and poets.

This is a project we wish to have a big impact with. We want to see how far around the world people can connect to our local work. We want our dreams of making a more beautiful world become reality.

The Outcome

A Wonder Trail shares our sense of wonder that has emerged through the learnings of the half-term. Each stop on the Wonder Trail has a synthesis of word, imagery, and exhibition to it. The students worked in groups on these artefacts. These artefacts form the basis of an augmented reality trail, a Wonder Trail around Óbudai Sziget, inspired by Wonder, for our parents and the public.

Learning Goals

  • Using our curiosity to inspire what we make and our way of being in the world

  • To have experience with digital tools that are unfamiliar to us so we can develop digital fluency

  • Exploring Arts and Culture connected to international artists, scientists and projects

  • Communicating powerfully to make people around Europe think differently about sustainability

  • Showing persistence to make artefacts of high quality

  • Modeling ambition and that we can dream and make the world a more beautiful place

How to acess the Wonder Trail

1. Before you leave home - give at least 10 minutes for this process

  • Make sure you are on a WIFI connection, as you will be downloading a large file.

  • Download the Turf Hunt app (Google Play link here, App Store link here)

  • Once installed, find Budapest on the map. Here, you will see the site of the REAL School Wonder Trail.

  • Click on it and then click "Install 387MB".

  • Get warm clothes and some good walking shoes, and book around 2 hours to get the complete trail experience.

2. When you visit Óbudai Sziget

  • Park in the car park immediately after the K-Bridge (or come from Filatorigat HEV Station) and walk to the jogging trail right next to the bridge.

  • Turn on Turf Hunt and click “Start” on the REAL School Wonder Trail.

  • Walk along the trail and each stop should automatically play as you pass it.

  • Our recommended trail is to walk from the K-Bridge along the jogging path to the Dog Beach, then go down the centre of the island and finish at the Playground.

3. After you complete the Wonder Trail

  • We'd really appreciate your feedback. It is part of the process!

  • The best feedback would be about what you enjoyed, what might have surprised you, and what could be improved.

  • Video feedback would be ideal of your hiking along the trail. Please send a youtube link or an email to

  • Share the Wonder Trail with friends far and near! It is public, and we are proud to share this piece of our school experience with others. Again, we welcome any feedback they may provide.

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