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The REAL Adventure Park

The dream

Imagine a space where creative and adventurous play thrives, a space that is a testament to our school's vision and the students' enthusiasm. This has been one of our school's longest dreams. Among the elements we originally planned for the area, the Makerspace and the raised-bed garden have already been brought to life, thanks to the community's efforts and the generosity of our donors.

Our next focus is the REAL Adventure Park, a space that holds immense potential for adventure and fun. It will feature an adventurous playground and hopefully a skate ramp, climbing wall, and integration with the wooded area next door. A few months ago, we had a breakthrough when Graphisoft Park fixed the wall, eliminating the risk of falling debris. This means we can finally take over our garden and bring our adventure park dream to reality, sparking excitement and joy for the kids.

We envision a playground teeming with children joyfully climbing, swinging and playing. Picture our students exploring nature-inspired play structures made from sustainable materials, creating their own games, and taking responsibility for their little kingdom.

Such a dream requires considerable resources, and that’s where we need to turn to you.

Your opportunity

You may contribute either with a one-time donation or a monthly commitment, here.


If each family commits to an average donation of HUF 10,000 a month for a year, we commit to building the first stage of the playground by this autumn (2024)! Tax-efficient corporate donations would, of course, also be very welcome.

Please note that contributions are managed and made transparent by the non-profit “Dream to Reality Foundation for Sustainability” (D2RF). This foundation was set up to provide scholarships and to fund sustainability initiatives related to REAL School.

D2RF is a Hungarian non-profit foundation with public benefit organisation status. This means that companies will enjoy tax benefits for donations. The pre-tax profits of a company may be reduced:

  • by 20% of the donation if the donation supports the public benefit activity of a public benefit organisation;

  • by 40% of the donation if provided to a public benefit organisation under a long-term donation contract (i.e., a monetary contribution provided based on an agreement between a public benefit organisation and its donor wherein the donor undertakes to provide the donation in the subject year and at least once a year for at least three forthcoming years, in the same or larger amount, without any consideration).

The above is not tax advice - please always consult with your tax advisor!

Project updates

23 May 2024: Our community has made a great start for the REAL Adventure Park. Students and parents have already created outdoor games in the Makerspace. Recently a community planning session brought together children, parents, and educators to reflect on and share ideas for natural play spaces. We built four models from natural materials.

Key insights from the planning session included:

  • A need for areas closer to nature, featuring flowers and trees, where one can relax and read

  • A strong desire for climbing, jumping, swinging, and sliding activities

  • Interest in building a bunker

  • Creative ideas like a tunnel leading to different universes - can you spot this above?

5 June 2024: We are collaborating with a professional playground designer to explore various concepts for both the playground and the wooded area of the REAL Adventure Park. Check out these initial concepts below.

REAL Adventure Park playground and garden concepts

REAL Adventure Park play-forest concepts

14 June 2024: This is the latest playground design, featuring an agility track, a hill with loose parts to build, a tunnel, and a climbing and lookout tower.

REAL Adventure Park concept design June 2024

About REAL School Budapest

REAL School is a fully accredited, English-language, independent, not-for-profit international school. The School educates for sustainability, primarily through real-life, entrepreneurial learning. Our mission is to raise a new generation who can dream and build a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world.

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