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Nature-based learning

Term 1/b - 2020–2021

Project Overview

Nature was a big part of this unit, as it is hard to imagine not feeling wonder when investigating the natural world. We took observational walks, changed our usual trails to explore deeper into the woods, and used nature as our muse for our videos and poetry.

Learning Goals

  • 15. Curiosity - As we wandered new trails around Óbuda Island, we had a chance to ask questions about what we saw and think deeper about the nature around us.

  • 19. Empathy & Care - Learning how to imagine people experiencing the island was key to creating scenes that work for us.

  • 23. Self-awareness - We spent time on several excursions sitting alone embracing the sound of the gallery forest.

  • 26. Healthy body - There are few activities that provide better exercise and stretching than a romp through the forest.

  • 27. Healthy Mind - Being surrounded by nature and sensing it enabled us to relax and be calm for a moment.

  • 28. Content Mind - Óbuda Island could meet all of our needs as we were able to eat, play and learn while breathing fresh air.

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