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Project overview

This project was all about the soil cycle and how plants work. Another crucial element was also to show the learners how living things we take care of and nurture can benefit us later – namely how to create produce for ourselves.

Project goals

  • Show learners they can grow their own side salads :)

  • Learn about soil compositions and what soil needs to grow plants

  • Learn the steps of planting, watering and harvesting well enough to teach our families


Over the span of two weeks learners planted the plants of their choice, with the final product resulting in each student (well, those who remembered to water them) having a container full of beautiful microgreens to eat! There were also some beautiful collaborations among students to maximise efficiency while minimising their actual effort put it.

Skills developed

  • Ability to plant, grow and harvest microgreens

  • Ability to improve soil composition for better results

  • (Some) project management skills through organising the watering of the plants

Student voice

“I liked it because I liked to plant them, all three of them sprouted and I was very happy about it. I ate mine in a salad and it was delicious. I did one at home too and it also was a success.”

- Fruzsi, 12

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