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Online Workshop on "Kid Skills" - 29 January 2021

19 Jan 2021


Interested to know how REAL School educators use a practical technique called "Kids Skills" to help children overcome difficulties or reach desired goals by learning new skills? Want to support your children, of any age, to use Kids Skills techniques at home? These all kinds of different skills range from managing strong emotions, reading more complex books, riding a bike, seeing a project through from beginning to end, getting ready on time in the morning to needing less undivided attention from you.

Join Nicki, our Head of Community Wellbeing, for a Zoom session on "Kids Skills" on either the morning or evening of Friday, 29 January 2021.

Please register through this form to receive a Zoom link to join the session.


Nicki Lorenzini joined REAL School this summer. She hails from England and for 25 years she joined children in their learning journies at six different schools on four different continents as a Deputy Head, Guidance Counselor, Psychology Teacher, Learning Specialist, School Psychologist, Wellbeing Teacher, Mentorship Program developer, Loose-Parts Play creator, and Parent Coach.

“If I had a living-legacy it would be to do what I can to advocate for young people and walk alongside them as they grow into the world.“


ONLINE OPEN HOUSE 4th February Sign up now and get to know us! As a child, joining REAL School means following your curiosity and learning how to turn your dreams into reality. As a parent, you will be among forward-thinking people who give a damn about the world's challenges.

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