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Deconstruction Production

Project Overview

We all have a drawer full of outdated or broken devices at home, but have you ever taken them apart to see what's inside and learn how they were built? It turns out our learners haven't! This project focused on nurturing curiosity, and bringing awareness to how much goes into the production of a single product. Part of learning to live a sustainable life is to learn how everyday devices work and how we can fix them when broken. And to start on that journey, you just need to open them up and explore!

Did you know?

The world has an e-waste problem. Through a practice called ‘planned obsolescence’, companies deliberately reduce the lifespan of products to increase the rate of replacement and they tempt us to toss out perfectly usable objects just so we buy a newer, more fashionable model. This lets them generate more revenue, but it also demands more resources and creates more waste for our planet. Read more here...

Project Goals

  • Understanding what goes into the production of a device

  • Classifying pieces based on materials and how they fit together [covering Learning Goals x]

  • Nurture curiosity


Each student laid out the interior contents of their devices and arranged them neatly for a photo #thingsorganisedneatly style.

Skills Developed

  • Electronic machine dismantling

  • Improving attention to details

  • Fine motor skills

  • Neat organisation skills

Student Voice

“I really-really enjoyed it because I was always interested in what makes electronic things work and what they look like on the inside. I’ve learned that in all electronics everything is connected. It would be super exciting to build something like this!”

- Bende, 12

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