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What masks do we wear?

Term 1/a - 2020–2021

Project Overview

Over the 6 weeks of the first half term of 2020-21, REAL School students designed and built their own masks that represented them during the campfire ritual at the overnight camp they organised themselves.

Learning Goals

I can:

  • Understand the difference between 2D and 3D planning and executing

  • Imagine my mask going from concrete to abstract

  • Express myself with techniques that make me feel confident while creating my self-portrait

  • Value Collaboration

  • Combine different images to make a new one

  • Explore and find materials I like and need to work with

  • Understand and use my project process to build my mask

  • Curate my work for an exhibition

  • Use my journal to record my planning process

The Process

1. Dream: Concept + Thinking in 2D

  • Bringing in masks, discovering why and how people use them

  • Tracing our facial features with organic and geometric elements to reimagine how a face should look like

2. Plan-Create: Thinking in 3D

  • Tracing our faces by touching, discovering its 3D-ness, moving out from the realistic to discovering abstract facial features

  • Creating the first 3D model of the masks

  • + Feedback session

3. ReDo: Material Bank + Assembling

  • Experimenting with combinations, techniques, limits of different materials. Deciding on the structure and the skin of the mask and updating the prototype

  • Feedback session on the prototype, redrafting and assembling the final version of the mask

4. Share

  • Exposing our masks to others, planning how to exhibit our work to make it an interactive experience

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