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Trash Monster

Project overview

The Monster was born from asking our families to bring in their recyclable waste from home so we could visualise the amount of waste our daily consumption creates. We built the monster in order to bring it with us to the Climate March organised by Fridays for Future and raise awareness of the abuse of plastic use.

Project goals

The main goal was to show our own kids the absurdity of how much daily waste a family creates on a day-to-day basis, how we're all creating our own "monsters" and also raise the awareness of other people at the Climate March. A secondary goal was to teach that artistic creativity knows no boundaries in terms of materials and implementing ideas.


The outcome was a 2-meter-tall sculpture made entirely from recycled waste, brought to the Climate March. It was seen by hundreds of people and was even shown on TV.

Skills developed

  • Understanding the basics of the waste problem

  • Raising socio-environmental awareness through recycling and demonstration

  • Creating sculptures from up-cycled materials

Student voice

“I made the teeth of the monster and I also worked on the eyes. Sometimes I was playing in the same room and I saw other kids working on it so I asked if I could help. I really like how I can help with any projects. Also I’m really proud to do such a creative monster.”

- Gergő, 10

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