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Short movies

Term 1/b - 2020–2021

Project Overview

30-60 seconds short movies form the basis of an augmented reality trail, a Wonder Trail around Óbuda Island, for our parents and the public. Each video conveys a sense of wonder, the exploration of the many layers that make up a space. They are personal points of view, a synthesis of imagery, spoken word, and an idea to make the stop along the wonder trail more interactive.

This was a project where learners used their curiosity to express the way they see the world around them. They chose their own topics, created the design and the content, practiced drafting and redoing, faced frustration and disappointment, pushed through and overcame and finally recorded and edited the last piece with full support from invited professionals and educators. The fruits of commitment are being harvested already with smiles and a strong feeling of accomplishment, that we hope you can grasp as well.

Learning Goals

  • 15. Curiosity - Using our curiosity to inspire what we make and our way of being in the world

  • 4. Digital fluency - To have experience with digital tools that are unfamiliar to us so we can develop digital fluency

  • 6. Arts & culture - Exploring Arts and Culture connected to international artists, scientists and projects

  • 7. Sustainability - Communicating powerfully to make people around Europe think differently about sustainability

  • 20. Persistence - Showing persistence to make artefacts of high quality

  • 18. Ambition - Modeling ambition and that we can dream and make the world a more beautiful place

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