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Seasons: A Stop Motion Animation

Project Overview

The idea was to explore a different way of artistic expression, while also learning something useful. We introduced our younger learners to the concept of season changes through mixed media, using both digital and analogue techniques (painting and stop motion animation).

Did you know?

A professional stop motion animation uses 24 frames (images) per second to appear smooth. For example, Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox uses only 12 frames per second (so it's not super smooth), which meant in total they still needed to take over 63 000 photos to create the film. INSANE!

Project Goals

  • Introduce young learners to the concept of season changes [covering Learning Goals 2, 7]

  • Creating a stop motion animation [covering Learning Goals 6, 11, 12, 16]

  • Work on vocabulary and language skills related to seasons [covering Learning Goals 1, 11]


A stop motion animation created by the shared efforts of our youngest group. The leaves, clouds and all other natural phenomena were prepared by the students first creating artworks based around different colours, which were then cut up into pieces. They then organised the pieces into pictures and started taking photos, moving the pieces one by one.

Skills Developed

  • Artistic skills, such as painting, cutting, making collages and creating stop-motion animations

  • Using a tripod for photography

  • Basics of video editing and directing

  • Seasons-related vocabulary

Student Voice

“This was a good project! I really enjoyed cutting and editing the video, I realised that I love doing that... I also love cutting paper, so it was a perfect match for me!”

- Alex, 6

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