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Science experiments

Term 1/b - 2020–2021

Project Overview

In Science we wanted to find out about how wonder can be interpreted a different way. Rather than being amazed and in awe, which we also were, we looked at wonder as a ‘Hm, I wonder what will happen if this occurs. We put on our scientist hats all across the school and started doing experiments.

The L1 kids have been working on different experiments to explore deeper the process of being a scientist.

The L2 and L3 crews took on a monumental challenge... to design experiments around three amazing phenomena. For each of these, they needed to build their tools, create hypotheses, and then test them till they uncovered something potentially unknown to the world!

Learning Goals

  • 3. Sciences - Describe the basic Science behind your experiment

  • 20. Persistence - Work through repeated trials to create a robust data set

  • 11. Communication - Write a Lab Report

  • 12. Collaboration - Take on a variety of roles in becoming a Scientist

  • 25. Self Expression - Use your hypothesis to create a Science Spectacle

  • 7. Sustainability - Relate key discoveries to environmental impact

Check out all the other projects REAL School students have worked on during the second half term of 2020-21 in this half-term booklet.

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