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We are now open for 5-years-old

We are stoked to report that REAL School has just received its operating permit for Year 1 (UK system), Kindergarten (HU and US systems). This means that we are now fully licensed and COBIS accredited for ages 5 to 14, Years 1-9, grades K-8..

With our green location, highly qualified early-years team, and top-quality British accreditation, what better place to start your child's journey towards a purposeful life?

From August 2023, our Learning Group 1 will be a mixed-age 5- and 6-year-old cohort. If you or your friends have children who might benefit from an early years' REAL School experience, do let them know about this opportunity. We still have a few places in that group.

About REAL School Budapest

REAL School is a COBIS Patron's Accredited institution that uses the UK National Curriculum, yet with a focus on impact entrepreneurship and sustainability.

At REAL School Budapest, our mission is to empower and inspire children to dream and build a beautiful world. In other words, to become the changemakers of the future. Our summer camps are designed to give you a taste of the REAL School mindset, vision and values, while allowing your child to reach their potential, supported by our experienced and dedicated educators, working towards social and environmental impact.

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