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Nature Alphabet

Project overview

During a morning walk, the little ones collected various materials from nature. They assorted them into different groups to organise their resources. Finally, they carefully visualised all of the capital letters of the alphabet using their findings. We then created a beautiful poster for each learner to take home, and of course, we kept one for our classroom as well.

Project goals

  • To learn the alphabet

  • To have something always visible portraying the letters

  • To use materials found outside to craft something by ourselves


Through assorting the natural materials and crafting the letters, the learners have created a wonderful poster that is used every day during literacy classes.

Skills developed

  • Recognising capital letters and their names

  • Fine motor skills

  • Developing an eye for beauty

Student voice

“I learned the alphabet through this project. I really enjoyed building out of chestnuts and sticks. I still look at the beautiful poster when I’m thinking about the alphabet.”

- Hanna, 6

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