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Group and Individual identity

Term 1/a - 2020–2021

Project Overview

Expressing identity is a key aspect of becoming a community. The following logos represent each one of us in our school tribe as symbols of our personality.

Learning Goals

I can:

  • Explore design principles, learn about the building blocks of design, explore the infinite possibilities of drawing a line, a shape or a colour

  • Express myself by combining basic visual elements

  • Adapt my knowledge of logo design to create an image that represents me

The Process

1. Dream-Plan-Create: Learning about design principles

A good logo is made up of visual elements, the building blocks of design. Through the planning process we choose the visual elements and arrange them in a layout to convey an idea. Basic visual elements include: line, colour, shape, pattern, proportions, typography.

2. ReDo: Experimenting with visual elements and filling a paper with our designs.

3. Share: Choosing the ones we like and using it to represent


Check out all the creations by REAL School students in the half-term booklet.

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