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Building a Compost Bin

Project overview

Being a school that stands for sustainability, creating a compost bin was one of our first priorities when school started. And of course, as we do, we did it all with the great contribution of our learners!

After only 6 weeks into the school year our bin was already nearing capacity, but as it turns out, each time we think it is full, it gets smaller overnight, thus helping us reduce our food waste! Oh, the wonders of nature...

Project goals

  • Learn to work with tools

  • Building from recycled materials

  • Learn the basics of composting (possibly instilling the will to do it at home too?)


A fully functioning compost bin, to which we add our compostables daily. Students and staff agreed during one of our Gameshift sessions to take turns taking our waste out. Kids now understand the basic cycle of composting and take clear responsibility when it comes to food waste. They even made a habit of offering their leftover food from lunch to each other, to make sure we reduce our food waste.

Skills developed

  • Designing and measuring objects

  • Building from upcycled wood using mechanic and power tools

  • Basic understanding of the composting cycle

Student voice

“It felt really good to build something that we still use on a daily basis. I love working with tools, my favourite is the hammer. I still want to continue and work on this though, because I would like to build a path to make it easier to get up there in rough weather.”

- András, 11

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