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Building Numbers

Project overview

We introduced our little ones to numbers through sculpting them out of plasticine. These three dimensional numbers turned into a blindfolded guessing game, helping learners familiarise themselves with numbers 0-9 through several senses, thus making them remember, read and write them out better and faster.

Project goals

  • Learn to recognise and write numbers 0-9

  • Experience numbers through a multi-sensory experience


Our little ones learned to read and write numbers in a fast and exciting way. We also got some fun plasticine numbers that we now display on our walls. And we already started adding letters to them!

Skills developed

  • Fine motor skills

  • Blindfolded shape recognition

  • Recognising & writing numbers 0-9

Student voice

“It was a very good and fun activity. I would like to play this game again. I learned how to write the numbers and if I ever have to guess anything blindfolded I’ll be better now!”

- Nasi, 6

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