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Follow your passion.
Or find it.

A transformational SECONDARY school experience - for you and for the world.

Educating the leaders of a green future.

Are you an ambitious, creative, courageous 11 to 15-year-old who cares about our world? Then read on!

At REAL School you will spend the majority of your secondary school years deeply engaged in real-life, entrepreneurial projects with a positive social or environmental impact. Your voice and choice will be keys to developing your lifelong learning and leadership habits. And while your strong academic effort and performance will be essential, you'll also learn how to look after your well-being in equal measure.

As part of the REAL School Diploma, the school offers three core pathways: the “creative media” pathway, the “scientist” pathway and the “create your own” pathway. All pathways provide academic qualifications that open the doors to global higher education, to the world of work, or to starting your own business.

A limited number of scholarships are available to outstanding students who are already making a positive social or environmental impact.

“The world is full of ecological and social challenges, yet it’s also full of incredible opportunities to make a positive difference. Come, join REAL School so we can learn together how to dream and build a beautiful world.” 

Barna Baráth, Founder, REAL School Budapest

The REAL School Diploma

REAL School is about sustainability, entrepreneurship, and ownership of our own path in life. And this is exactly how our diploma programme is designed.

During your secondary years, you will experience the transformative power of making a difference by solving important social or environmental challenges. You will develop the entrepreneurial skills needed to bring your creative solutions to market, empowering you to make change in the world.

You will ultimately work towards your REAL School Diploma, a rigorous entrepreneurial diploma in sustainability that will open doors for you. This credit-based programme develops the core skills, mindsets and knowledge you need to become a leader in a green future, in whatever path you end up pursuing in life.

We are all different. However, whether you are passionate about entrepreneurship, creative media, science, humanities, technology or dance, there are some fundamentals that you will learn at REAL School to ensure that all doors remain open for you. Frankly speaking, you’ll also want to become a cultured, intellectually strong thinker and doer with clear values.

No matter your future direction, everybody at REAL School will demonstrate a level of competency or mastery in the following areas:

  • English language - reading, writing, oracy

  • Humanities

  • Arts for self-understanding and expression

  • Foundational science and maths

  • Entrepreneurial skills and mindset

  • An additional language

  • Sustainability and systems thinking

  • Personal and social wellbeing

During your REAL School years, you’ll also uncover yourself and your world, and you will learn how to become a lifelong learner who can adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. You’ll grow in many ways, including in skills and mindsets that will help you stand your ground at a great university, in the world of work, or in your own endeavour.

But one size does not fit all. Some young people are clear on what they want to do next. Some have no idea. It’s OK. This is why you will have the opportunity to choose or create your own pathway.

The pathways

REAL School offers three core pathways that all instill a deep sense of care for the world and skills to make a positive difference. And all pathways are designed to enable you to access high quality universities around the world, to go into full time work, or to start their your businesses.


“Creative Media” Pathway


Art, Design, and Communication are qualifications for students looking to pursue a specialist career in the creative industries.


“Scientist” Pathway


Our most ambitious students could achieve a Masters (MRes) degree as members of a neuroscience lab. Get in touch so we can explain how!


“Create Your Own”



This pathway leads to a personalised, high-quality, accredited High School Diploma, with AP credentials.

What  if...

you could experience making a positive difference to the world?

"Think different"

Schools teach us what we already know. What if, instead, we learned how to discover what we don’t know - about ourselves and the world? ​

Watch our co-designer, Beau Lotto talk about his vision for a new kind of school.

Beau is a Professor of Neuroscience at the University of London, a visiting scholar at New York University, and the (CEO of Lab of Misfits, a neuroscience-focused creative studio)


REAL School uses the MTC Mastery Transcript® as a dramatic alternative to traditional reports. The Mastery Transcript supports each student in learning for the real world, in exploring and pursuing varied pathways to futures that compel them, and in being recognized for acquiring and mastering skills both inside and outside of school. It is this progressive transcript that learners will share with universities or employers to showcase their competencies and learning. Read more

The REAL School transcript is a tool that students and educators use to measure growth in each area of the Learning Goals, and to set personalized objectives for learning.


The transcript has two levels of mastery for different skills or competencies:



a skill or competency in which students must demonstrate mastery in order to graduate



a skill or competency that is not required to graduate but allows the student to engage in deeper learning in a topic of their choice or that is of great interest to them.


REAL School is a COBIS Patron’s Accredited school and a fully licensed international school in Hungary for ages 6-14. We are in the process of extending these accreditations and licenses for the full secondary school for September 2022.

COBIS-Patron's Accredited Member-CMYK.jpg

The four pillars of the REAL School experience



What the world needs now is people to whom circular economy, zero waste, carbon neutrality, SDGs, biodiversity, systems thinking and similar concepts are second nature. And people who care. What you need is to feel that what you do matters. During your time at REAL School, you will experience the transformative power of making a difference by solving important social or environmental challenges.


Entrepreneurial learning

Through the “Dream to Reality” projects, you'll develop the entrepreneurial skills needed to bring your creative solutions to market, empowering you to make change in the world. An entrepreneurial attitude, social skills, understanding the relevance of subjects, actual engagement, and beautiful products are just a few of the benefits that learning through authentic projects lead to.


Student agency, aka "choice and responsibility"

Learning how to own our own learning is one of the fundamental jobs in schools, so that we may continue this habit throughout our lives. This is the only way that we can keep adapting to circumstances that will keep changing faster and in more complex way than ever. So how to prepare to own our own learning later? By owning it now. Sense of competence, sense of autonomy, and sense of relatedness are the key expressions here.



Do you want to change the world? You'd better put on your own oxygen mask first! Be well about and with yourself. Know who you are, have a healthy body and a healthy mind. Our wellbeing programme is designed to gain understandings and form habits during these complex yet pivotal years.


Over the years, you will create and manage a digital portfolio, which displays your work, reflects on your growth, and demonstrates your passions. The portfolio is an integral part of the regular performance review and the Mastery Transcript.

Your guides and mentors

You will be accompanied on your journey by top mentors, such as a team of internationally experienced educators, a neuroscientist, a filmmaker, a clinical psychologist, social entrepreneurs and cool industry mentors from around the world.


Dave Strudwick



Nicki Lorenzini

Head of Community Wellbeing

andy carpenter_edited.png

Andy Carpenter

Lead educator & co-designer


Catriona Woodward

Lead educator & co-designer

beaulotto (1 of 1) copy.jpg

Beau Lotto

Science master


Lizzie Granger



Anita Nagy

Science and Hungarian


Panni Fehér


Where you’ll learn

During your teenage years, you will learn somewhere - at REAL School, or in the city, at a film studio, in an art gallery, in the forest, at a farm, at home. As beautiful and welcoming our spaces are, learning will not be restricted to the classroom. 


You will also be able to learn anywhere - online, from world class mentors and teachers from around the globe. Why limit yourself to people who are physically close to you? 


Our campus is located at Graphisoft Park, a wholesome research, technology, business and academic park right next to the Danube.

Read more

Home: Learning

At REAL School, we are looking for learners who are ambitious, who are motivated for personal growth, who relish being mentored, who care deeply and who are authentic and kind. 

Is this you?

For 2022/23, our secondary school admissions are open for students aged 11-15. Spaces are limited, apply today!

HS: Contact


Let's connect!

There are many ways to connect with REAL School:

Meet us in person or over Zoom

+36 21 262 0380 Call our Family Ambassador with any questions at

Monday to Friday 10:00 - 12:00 Central European Time

Email us at

Or go ahead and send us an inquiry below:

Thank you for your interest! We'll get back to you shortly.

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