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Our second half-term booklet - celebrating the REAL School learning journey

12 Apr 2021

The second half-term booklet of REAL School includes all the wonder students aged 6-13 brought to life during the second part of Term 1 of the 2020/21 school year. It also includes the learning goals we set, the skills and knowledge nurtured, and information on the authentic project-based learning methodology we are using. The intention for this booklet is to celebrate the learning, and perhaps to serve as a source of inspiration for other schools and educators to incorporate more relevant, entrepreneurial and art-filled learning into their programme.*


Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation to dream and build a beautiful world - no matter what.

The Wonder Trail was in part a response to being curious about how children's voices and making could deepen a connection to a place already known - the island right next to our School, called Óbudai Island. At the same time, it was a creative response to a world wide pandemic and the constraint that our families could not come to one of the most important REAL School ceremonies, the Learning Expo, in person.

The whole booklet is inspired by maps and how we use them. When printed, it's essentially a set of posters - the same map of Óbudai Island with the content of the projects the children can put on their walls. But it can also be read as a book! When assembled, two projects make up a full map page, as the projects were connected and inspired by each other. When used as posters, they are standing on their own as separate art pieces.

The cover of the printed version is made of Curious Matter - a special material is produced with potato starch, a by-product of the food industry. The other pages of the booklet are of course printed on recycled paper.

Check out the digital version of the booklet here and read on below if you wish to walk through the Trail, even if just virtually.

We hope that you enjoy this wonderful collection of thoughts and artefacts which capture the process of our learning as we venture to dream and build a more beautiful world.


Interested in walking through the Wonder Trail, even if just virtually? Follow the steps below!

1. Before you leave home - give at least 10 minutes for this process

  • Make sure you are on a WIFI connection, as you will be downloading a large file.

  • Download the Turf Hunt app (Google Play link here, App Store link here)

  • Once installed, find Budapest on the map. Here, you will see the site of the REAL School Wonder Trail.

  • Click on it and then click "Install 387MB".

  • Get warm clothes and some good walking shoes, and book around 2 hours to get the complete trail experience.

2. When you visit Óbudai Sziget

  • Park in the car park immediately after the K-Bridge (or come from Filatorigat HEV Station) and walk to the jogging trail right next to the bridge.

  • Turn on Turf Hunt and click “Start” on the REAL School Wonder Trail.

  • Walk along the trail and each stop should automatically play as you pass it.

  • Our recommended trail is to walk from the K-Bridge along the jogging path to the Dog Beach, then go down the centre of the island and finish at the Playground.

3. After you complete the Wonder Trail

  • We'd really appreciate your feedback. It is part of the process!

  • The best feedback would be about what you enjoyed, what might have surprised you, and what could be improved.

  • Video feedback would be ideal of your hiking along the trail. Please send a youtube link or an email to

  • Share the Wonder Trail with friends far and near! It is public, and we are proud to share this piece of our school experience with others. Again, we welcome any feedback they may provide.


This book is an artefact, a piece of evidence of learning by REAL School students in the second half of Term 1 of the 2020/21 school year. Enjoy it. Credits for content go to the learners. A special thanks to Panni, our Arts & Projects Educator, for all the effort she has put into turning the concept of the booklet into reality.

*The booklet is shared under a Creative Commons CC BY NC SA 4.0 license.

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