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While we all stay home, REAL School learners continue their education from a distance. We realise it is a different experience, and as such, we are not trying to replicate face-to-face education. We call it "distance learning", and purposefully so, as opposed to "online" or "virtual" learning. Rather than making students sit in front of their screens all day, we encourage them to take advantage of their current surroundings, get offline and be creative locally while providing them with guidance to efficiently share their work online for feedback from the community. We are also actively experimenting with ways to keep a sense of community during these challenging times.


We believe that this unique situation will fast track us to much more self-directed learning, and will give us more time to work on real-life projects. To learn more about our approach, check out our Distance Learning Plan below. 

changing ROLES

The roles of all stakeholders are quite different in a distance learning situation, especially at the time of a crisis, compared to regular school days. We created some simple graphics to keep us all on the same page. Feel free to print them and stick them on your walls as a kind reminder.


And most importantly

stay home & stay safe!

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